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The story began, when I was just coming home from giving tutorials of Computer Aided Design (CAD) in a suburb called Cipayung near Bogor, West of Java, Indonesia. The hotel & resource DWIMA was the site in where I gave a week CAD tutorials for toys & garment factories' employees in September 2001. The hotel area is crossed by a small river at the backyard, which (because of silent of the night) gives the melody of flowing water of the small river. It is really nicely beautiful place for staying, moreover for living!

As I arrived home, in the evening of that day I spent my time went for a walk to the mall near my house. I just got my wage of CAD training, lol! At not any longer time, I saw CDs on the rack in the computer shop. And I was impressed by the tittle: Audio & Music Creator, which straightly attracted me to buy!

Simply steps, after installed one of the tool inside the CD in my computer, I have had a full stereo backing orchestral song composition of my first song (made using only a PC)! The song is DAS 2001. It's so called - because the song was composed in an early September (which in Indonesia is awal September! So the song can be titled: Dwima Awal September 2001). Besides, the small river in the backyard of the hotel, inspired me to title the song as: Daerah Aliran Sungai which means river flow area.

Aha! that was the story of how simply matters I was involved with the MIDI and Digital Audio for the first time! And, so far I have made: 14 piece of my own songs (with full stereo backing orchestral song composition made using only a PC) up to now.

Before you go to the download page in my official website, please try to tune the Radio Artist. It's really an awesome widget ever! Just type your favorite artist's name in the text box and then click [SEARCH]! You are ready to listen to your favorite artist's songs!

Have a nice time, people! And don't forget to sign in my guestbook, Thank you!

 My Songs

  1. I am Coming Back
  2. Like Manures
  3. The Hill Of Love (shared in my official website)
  4. DAS 2001
  5. Dreams and Hopes
  6. Sweet Memory
  7. Going Wild
  8. Rock n Roll Guitars
  9. Syukur Ramadhan
  10. Sahur, sahur
  11. Tahiyatul Masjid
  12. My Dearest Late Mama
  13. For You Only
  14. I Haven't Known Yet

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